Foods That Attract The Pests The Most

Pest Control Glen Iris

For sure, many of the households in Glen Iris faced pest problems at home. No matter what season, pests attract towards home for their survival. And one of the primary reasons for their survival is the foods and beverages stored at your home. According to experts providing pest control in Glen Iris, if proper food storage is neglected, they will breed rapidly and do serious damage.

 So, do you need a pest control expert in Glen Iris? Of course, but before that, you should have some important knowledge related to the food and its connection with the pests. Don’t worry, if you don’t know what food items do attract the pests as we are going to list the major food list below.

Food Items That Attract Pests Include:

Food Crumbs

Cockroaches, ants love the crumbs left in the dining area and kitchen. They come at night in search of food and even the smallest food crumb serves as dinner for them.

Protein-Rich Foods

Food such as almonds, cheese, and yogurt are favorite dinners for ants, mice, cockroaches. Rich protein source such as meat and dairy products attracts them the most. The best way to prevent them is to inspect and eradicate them from the root.

Sugar And Sweet

It is not only your favorite food but pests also love sugar and sweets. You will always find flies, ants attracted towards cakes, fruits, cookies. Also, leaving half-consumed sweet food in the dining area and improper management invites pests to your home.

Beer And Alcohol

When you party at night and leaves the spill on the floor, this is enough reason for pests to attack your home. So be careful and dispose of them properly to avoid pest infestation. Fruit flies are another pest that is attracted to rotting and fermented food and reproduce quickly.

Cereal And Grains

Cereals and grains stored in your home have a high risk of pest attack. These pest infestations include grain beetles, cigarette beetles and are really unexpected in the home. Some stored food like rice, wheat, flour, pasta, cornflakes on which these feed upon and infest on.

How To Prevent These Pests

  • Don’t leave food crumbs, spills overnight to serve them as dinner.
  • Also, don’t keep ripe fruit or vegetables in an open place.
  • Collect and throw garbage regularly.
  • Clean the home and surrounding area regularly.
  • Take professional pest control for proper management.


Now you know the common food items that attract the pests the most. So it is important that you clean the waste, cover the food, and seal the container properly. If necessary then speak to the pest control professional who will provide a free inspection and gives the maximum possible assistance to you.