Why Do Wasps Choose Your Home And Are Attracted To It?

Have you ever thought about why wasps choose your home to build a nest? While dealing with them is painful as they sting and ruin the fun. But according to pest control Glen Iris, it is better to keep a distance from their nest, and you should not attempt wasp nest removal. However, it is worth knowing why your home is their next target.

Reasons Why Wasps Choose Your Home:

  1. Your Home Has Other Crawly Bugs.

You will surprise to know the wasp control the insect population by eating other bugs. This quality is beneficial in agricultural land, but not when they nest around your home. During the warm month, wasps hunt food, and unluckily your home is providing them bugs.

If you are dealing with any pest infestation in your home, try contacting professional pest control companies.

  1. Flowers In Your Garden.

If you love gardening, then there is plenty of flowering plant in your home. As nectar of flowers is a food source for them, and they love the fragrance of flowers. So don’t surprise to see wasps swarming in your garden. Therefore, firstly you should look for a good pest control company to stop them from building nests around.

  1. You Have Open Water And Food Source.

Like other pests, wasp love sweets, especially ripe fruit, dessert, jams, jaggery, etc. Additionally, they are fond of the protein-based food supply and dairy products. Also, they need a water source to survive. Therefore, check for open water and food sources and get help from pest control companies for the safer side.

How To Keep Wasps Away From Your Property?

Do you know that wasps always look for a new place to build their home, and they don’t use the same nest usually? But here are ways to protect your property from wasps:

Contact A Pest Control Company

The first line of defense is to hire a pest control company for regular inspection of your property. They will not only control other pests thriving on your property but also successfully do wasp nest removal.

Cleaning Is The Key

As the wasp know your home has the food source, it is vital that you clean surroundings and keeps trash away from home.

Get Rid Of The Outdoor Water Source.

Standing water is the source of mosquitoes to breed, and other pests like wasp get water supply to survive, so get rid of it asap.


Now you know why wasps are attracted to your home and keep you annoying. It is always the priority that you don’t deal with the stinging insect’s nest yourself because it is dangerous. Instead, try reaching a pest control Glen Iris company and talk to them about the issue; they will surely give the best possible solution for this problem.

Foods That Attract The Pests The Most

For sure, many of the households in Glen Iris faced pest problems at home. No matter what season, pests attract towards home for their survival. And one of the primary reasons for their survival is the foods and beverages stored at your home. According to experts providing pest control in Glen Iris, if proper food storage is neglected, they will breed rapidly and do serious damage.

 So, do you need a pest control expert in Glen Iris? Of course, but before that, you should have some important knowledge related to the food and its connection with the pests. Don’t worry, if you don’t know what food items do attract the pests as we are going to list the major food list below.

Food Items That Attract Pests Include:

Food Crumbs

Cockroaches, ants love the crumbs left in the dining area and kitchen. They come at night in search of food and even the smallest food crumb serves as dinner for them.

Protein-Rich Foods

Food such as almonds, cheese, and yogurt are favorite dinners for ants, mice, cockroaches. Rich protein source such as meat and dairy products attracts them the most. The best way to prevent them is to inspect and eradicate them from the root.

Sugar And Sweet

It is not only your favorite food but pests also love sugar and sweets. You will always find flies, ants attracted towards cakes, fruits, cookies. Also, leaving half-consumed sweet food in the dining area and improper management invites pests to your home.

Beer And Alcohol

When you party at night and leaves the spill on the floor, this is enough reason for pests to attack your home. So be careful and dispose of them properly to avoid pest infestation. Fruit flies are another pest that is attracted to rotting and fermented food and reproduce quickly.

Cereal And Grains

Cereals and grains stored in your home have a high risk of pest attack. These pest infestations include grain beetles, cigarette beetles and are really unexpected in the home. Some stored food like rice, wheat, flour, pasta, cornflakes on which these feed upon and infest on.

How To Prevent These Pests

  • Don’t leave food crumbs, spills overnight to serve them as dinner.
  • Also, don’t keep ripe fruit or vegetables in an open place.
  • Collect and throw garbage regularly.
  • Clean the home and surrounding area regularly.
  • Take professional pest control for proper management.


Now you know the common food items that attract the pests the most. So it is important that you clean the waste, cover the food, and seal the container properly. If necessary then speak to the pest control professional who will provide a free inspection and gives the maximum possible assistance to you.

What Do Pest Control Companies Do For a Homeowner?

Many homeowners don’t take pest infestations seriously. For instance, mosquitoes, fleas, and rodents are easy to handle and therefore homeowners don’t take professional help for getting rid of them. However, rodent infestation is a serious problem and you should think of taking professional pest control assistance. Apart from this, bugs and termites infestation can create a big nuisance. So, as a savvy homeowner, you must understand the need of taking professional help.

Here, we will mainly put forward the discussion on how pest control companies help you and what they do for you.

What Do Pest Control Companies Do?

You can anytime use DIY solutions to get rid of pests but the assistance offered by pest control companies is noteworthy. A pest control company tries its best to eliminate a whole host of pesky critters in your home. They have expertise in dealing with ants, termites, bugs, roaches, and you name it.

Furthermore, they check the level and type of infestation and plan a pest removal strategy accordingly.

Things you can expect from a pest control company do include:

A Professional Introduction

The pest control company you hire should be highly proficient. It can present its good image by their on-time arrival and professional dress up. The exterminators who visit your place should introduce themselves so that you feel comfortable in their presence. You can easily check the professional level of the exterminators by raising your queries and see how they respond to them.

Entry Point Inspection

Another important thing that pest control professionals will do for us has inspected all the vital places through which the pests can enter. The exterminators will check around the pipes, attics, doors, windows, and crawl spaces. Pests can enter these areas at any time so the professionals will find out all the hidden areas that allow pests entry.

Yard Examination

Next, the professionals will inspect your yard and other parts of your property. Yard examination is important to find out the outdoor spaces which are the major areas of concern.

Moisture Check

The pest control professional will also look for moisture in and around your house. Exterminators know that a moist area is more likely to draw and harbor pests. Therefore, they will use a flashlight and a moisture meter to find out the problematic areas.

Review and Report

After doing all the inspections, the exterminator will provide you with an official report. It will contain all the information found and the future plan required for the treatment.

Are you looking for professional pest control assistance?

If your home is now belonging to those creepy critters, you need assistance from Pest Control Glen Iris. We perform all the important tasks required for making your home pest-free. You must contact us for instant help.

How to Prevent your Dishwasher from Ant Infestation?

You’ve probably seen ants marching through your kitchen searching for food at some point. You may see them creeping toward the food crumbs. Although, you may be surprised to discover them in your dishwasher. Why are they there, and what can you do about it?

Ant Control Treatment in Glen Iris

Why do Ants make their Home in your Dishwasher?

Pest Control Experts in Glen Iris say although it might seem that ants are looking for food in an unusual place! But there are a few reasons why you will find them there. Your dishwasher acts as a constant supply of food. The ants can have a feast any time you place a dish or bowl in the dishwasher without giving it a thorough rinse. Furthermore, since you are unlikely to run your dishwasher every day, the mess will linger for longer.

Since a dishwasher is not fully sealed, there are several entry points. When ants have gained access to your house, it becomes an easy target for them.

Did you know that your kitchen sink attracts ants too? 

When food and grease build-up, it’s the ideal feeding spot with a seemingly limitless supply of treats, much like your dishwasher. Though it may not be their first port of call in your kitchen (crumbs on the floor are easier to come by), it is definitely appealing. Ants will happily enter and take a snack. These ants then invite their whole colony to enjoy the discovered food.

How to get rid of ants from your dishwasher?

Use Ant Baits

Anywhere in your house, commercial bait can be the most powerful ant killer. The bait contains poison that attracts ants, who take it back to their nest and expose the rest of the colony. Simply position the lure just outside of your dishwasher to solve problems. Ants are social animals, so they share all they have with the rest of their colony. As a result, the ants will bring some of the “food” back to the colony and poison it. Expect a gradual eradication and wait for some time to see it fully functional.

Clean Your Dishwasher

The trick to solving the problem is not to lure the ants. You must also prevent a new colony of ants from discovering the fantastic snack spot. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and thoroughly clean your dishwasher to ensure there is no leftover food.

Kick Ants out with the help of Professional Ant Control Solutions

Professional experts understand how aggravating it is to have pests, such as ants, invading your home. If you’re dealing with pavement ants, carpenter ants, or some other type of ant, then you must immediately call a pest control expert in Glen Iris to help you in this. Experts will easily recognize and monitor your ant problem from the very roots.