Why Do Wasps Choose Your Home And Are Attracted To It?

Pest Control Glen Iris

Have you ever thought about why wasps choose your home to build a nest? While dealing with them is painful as they sting and ruin the fun. But according to pest control Glen Iris, it is better to keep a distance from their nest, and you should not attempt wasp nest removal. However, it is worth knowing why your home is their next target.

Reasons Why Wasps Choose Your Home:

  1. Your Home Has Other Crawly Bugs.

You will surprise to know the wasp control the insect population by eating other bugs. This quality is beneficial in agricultural land, but not when they nest around your home. During the warm month, wasps hunt food, and unluckily your home is providing them bugs.

If you are dealing with any pest infestation in your home, try contacting professional pest control companies.

  1. Flowers In Your Garden.

If you love gardening, then there is plenty of flowering plant in your home. As nectar of flowers is a food source for them, and they love the fragrance of flowers. So don’t surprise to see wasps swarming in your garden. Therefore, firstly you should look for a good pest control company to stop them from building nests around.

  1. You Have Open Water And Food Source.

Like other pests, wasp love sweets, especially ripe fruit, dessert, jams, jaggery, etc. Additionally, they are fond of the protein-based food supply and dairy products. Also, they need a water source to survive. Therefore, check for open water and food sources and get help from pest control companies for the safer side.

How To Keep Wasps Away From Your Property?

Do you know that wasps always look for a new place to build their home, and they don’t use the same nest usually? But here are ways to protect your property from wasps:

Contact A Pest Control Company

The first line of defense is to hire a pest control company for regular inspection of your property. They will not only control other pests thriving on your property but also successfully do wasp nest removal.

Cleaning Is The Key

As the wasp know your home has the food source, it is vital that you clean surroundings and keeps trash away from home.

Get Rid Of The Outdoor Water Source.

Standing water is the source of mosquitoes to breed, and other pests like wasp get water supply to survive, so get rid of it asap.


Now you know why wasps are attracted to your home and keep you annoying. It is always the priority that you don’t deal with the stinging insect’s nest yourself because it is dangerous. Instead, try reaching a pest control Glen Iris company and talk to them about the issue; they will surely give the best possible solution for this problem.